Kurobi, a new “Sushi delivery and take-away” restaurant, by the hand of the well-known chef Carlos Navarro, who in the World Cup of Sushi celebrated in Tokyo in 2016, obtained the fifth position.

Kurobi is committed to maximum quality, both in ingredients and in the preparation, and thus becomes a reference in delivery thanks to

  • Authentic, quality, unprocessed, preferably organic and local ingredients, from sustainable fishing and cultivation…
  • Elaborations and recipes delicately handmade and taking care of each and every detail
  • Limited daily orders in order to preserve quality
  • Deliveries in the shortest possible time, about 15 minutes from the time the order is placed, and with “eco” electric motorcycles
  • – Ecological, recyclable and compostable packaging that helps to respect the environment
Carlos Navarro

Kurobi 5ushi is a project in which Carlos Navarro, a well-known “Sushiman” from Malaga who recently came in fifth, is involved. That is why we wrote 5ushi with a 5, at the World Sushi Championship held in Tokyo.

And José Cabello, gastronomic expert co-creator of the GastroMarketing Congress, member of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism and whose signature we can read in media such as ABC Gurmé Málaga, Vida Económica or Gastronosfera .

Joining the experience of both, they explore a new restaurant trend where the room is dispensed with, but product excellence is combined with a new customer-oriented approach. Focusing on new consumption habits, which consist of delivering home or work the menu of the restaurant. In this way, the room acquires a new dimension, where the digital part is essential when interacting.

The gastronomic offer includes classic Sushi, Bluefin Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail Fish, Ramen, Tuna Tartar … but there are also pieces with a more modern touch as the Uramaki Shrimp Tempura with Avocado or Duck Magret and, of course, includes vegan options. But always taking care of the quality of the ingredients to the maximum, like the certified Red Tuna, premium Japonica rice or selected avocados from Axarquia.


Furthermore, the prices are another of Kurobi’s attractions, since as they don’t have a room, they can adjust costs that transfer the client in a very advantageous way, so the average ticket is around 15 or 20 euros.


The name comes from Kuro Obi, which means “Black Belt”, which refers not only to the highest level in martial arts, but also to the maximum qualification that can be achieved in the world of Sushi, and Carlos Navarro can boast of having obtained it, as well as the aforementioned 5th place in the World Sushi Cup Tokyo 2016.

Awards and titles of Carlos Navarro

  • Certificat Connaissances in Sushi – Paris 2015
  • Sushi Ninteisho – All Japan Sushi Association – Sushi Proficiency Certificate Tokyo 2016
  • Kuro Obi Ninteisho (Black Belt) -All Japan Sushi Association – Tokyo 2016
  • Finalist with special mention and 5th place in World Sushi Cup Tokyo 2016

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